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Olive Ridley Hatchling at Sunset
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Jadyn M. Sethna

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Hey, my name is Jadyn. Thanks for navigating to my page. 


I’m broadly interested in researching animal navigation, learning, animal behavior, sensory processes, and anthropogenic environmental changes. I also conduct research in STEM outreach, and I’m passionate about inclusivity in STEM and accessibility to biological field work. I’m a nature nerd and a sea turtle lover: a hiker, a runner, a biker, there’s so much to discover! I also love to cook, garden, and write silly short poems. I started this page to document my journey through graduate school: to share a little about me, make my publications organized and accessible, to share photos and stories from the field, and to keep track of resources. 


One of my favorite sections of my web page is the resources tab. I’m always hearing about cool new tools and forums for different stages of my scientific career, and this is my attempt to organize the resources I’ve found helpful over the years! I update this page as frequently as I can. This includes information about grants, jobs/ internships, coding help, and cool resources for designing figures. I would encourage you to check it out to see if it will help you in your science journey!


2022 – Present

PhD. Student

University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill

Research Areas: Sea Turtle Biology, Animal Learning, Animal Navigation, Sensory Biology

Advisor: Dr. Ken Lohmann

2018 - 2021

BSc. Biology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Areas: Herpetology, Vertebrate Biology, Paleontology, Animal Behavior, Vertebrate Physiology, STEM Outreach

Thesis Advisor: Dr. Joseph Mendelson


Awards, Scholarships, and Grants

Student Poster Award, 2nd Place; North Carolina Sea Turtle Symposium


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Doctor Excellence Top-up Scholarship


SWOT Marjorie Lee Kemp Education & Outreach Grant; COPROT


President’s Undergraduate Research Salary Award


McCallum Undergraduate Research Scholar Award 

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